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Korean cusine

Korean cusine,Bulgogi(불고기)

Korean cuisine class at RINNAI,near Hongik University,Septmeber '09.

RINNAI is renowned home appliance manufacturer in Korea.It was part of the Korean Language and Culture Program(KLCP).

Bulgogi(Bul means fire; gogi-meat), is a Korean dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, although chicken may also be used.We were provided with beef.

Start with strips of tender beef, marinate, grill and serve in endless ways. Traditionally this dish is served wrapped in thin lettuce (or better yet sesame) leaves. Or you can pile it up on rice. It makes a great meal and a great appetizer. You can even substitute the beef with chicken, fish, or most any other meat you happen to have on hand.

The basic technique is to marinate the meat in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil and green onions. Grill it and serve it up with some kind of wrap or over rice. Because the marinades used can contain sugar you need to keep a close eye on the meat while grilling. The best method is hot and fast. Once the meat is grill it should be served pretty quickly as it can get tough if it’s left too long. Bulgogi is usually served with a dipping sauce and eaten like fajitas.

There are two ways to prepare the meat for this recipe. The simpler method is to marinate the whole piece(s) of steak for up to six hours. Grill it, slice and serve. The other method, considered more traditional is to slice the uncooked meat into 1/4 inch thick pieces, marinate for about an hour and then grill. To use the second method will require that you either place the meat on skewers or use some kind of grilling basket to keep the small pieces from falling through. While the first method is easier, the second method exposes more of the meats surface to the marinade and the flame, giving it more flavor.

The dipping sauce you serve with Bulgogi is usually spicy, after all the literal translation of Bulgogi is "fire meat". However you can use your favorite dipping sauce instead.

We also prepared another dish.I am not able to recall the name though.After hard work we were treated with the the stuff we prepared personally.Honestly,the taste is a bit strange....sweet/spicy!!! We really dont have that taste in my hometown.

But enjoyed the class as there is nothing bad in exploring new things.

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