Thursday, June 9, 2011


*Samgyeopsal(*삼겹살*)* can be literally translated as “3 layered flesh”,In
Korea, the price of pork is much cheaper than beef, so this dish is enjoyed
by many people who can’t afford to buy good cuts of beef.The custom is such
that those who sit to dine together grill the meat themselves. Then they
help themselves with a full serving and relish their recipe over a long
sweet conversation.

Samgyeopsal is served with two different kinds of sauces, one of them being
a Korean chili paste called Saamjang,쌈장 and the other is based off
soybean,doenjang(된장) nicely blended with sesame oil,참기름 and other
ingredients. Other side dishes include onion salad in a typical Korean
style, sliced green chili peppers, sliced or finely chopped raw garlic,
kimchi(김치), and Soju(서주), a traditional Korean liquor which makes the dinner
even more delightful.It is even more delightful during the cold weather fire
heats up the evening.
A common way to consume *samgyeopsal* is to place a slice of the cooked meat
on a leaf of lettuce and ssamjang,쌈장 and to roll it up in the leaf and eat
it. It is usually called *sangchu-ssam* (상추쌈). Any combination of the
vegetable accompaniments mentioned above can be added to the roll according
to preference, the most popular is sliced garlic. Many people also add in
kimchi,김치 mushrooms, and grilled onions. Usually, different types of
baanchaan,반찬 are added. This is part of the reason why so many people enjoy
this food; they can make it the way they want.

There are various restaurants in Seoul and elsewhere where good and fresh
samgyeopsal are available.Some restaurants uses charcoal for the BBQ while
other uses the gas.Personally I prefer the one which is done with the
charcoal. Weekends are the best time to hang out with friends in a
restaurant and savor on samgyeopsal with lots of Soju. I know some good
restaurants in and around Nakseongdae(낙성대)
where the prices are cheap and
the meat are fresh.I use to go there along with my friends on weekends as it
was quite near from the University campus.

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