Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Korea charms Imphal youths

Free Korean Medical Treatment at Imphal :: August 09 - 15, 2011

The visit of 11-member team from Seoul has come down to dispense free medical treatment through acupuncture, medicines, haircuts and gifts have been a boon to many Korean followers in Imphal.

The Telegraph's Korea charms Imphal youths carried a report on the visit which reminds us of the various other impacts Korean has on our youths and society. Anjulika Thingnam wrote in her article 'Soaps, songs, stars: Manipur's Korea wave' that when Jeong Seok, 35, came to Imphal from the South Korean capital of Seoul recently to take part in a food festival, he felt completely at home. It happens this time too.

The article says that Pai Hyee Jou, a Korean painter, was stunned when Mapui, a young Manipuri girl, addressed her in fluent Korean. From dress to hairstyles youths of Imphal are a diehard fan of Korean styles.

Another article at Taipei Times writes, "Hairdressing salons are covered with headshots of Korean celebrities and offer a wide range of spiky, "Korean-style" cuts, which are hugely popular with young Manipuris of both sexes. Korean culture has entered deep into the life of Manipuris now.

Even films nowadays are influenced by Korean films and dramas. Oliver in his article 'The influence of Korean TV dramas' writes in length about it.

The article from The Telegraph writes, "Korean culture has always fascinated youths in Imphal. It has become fashionable for Manipuri boys and girls to sport Korean haircuts and dresses.

Most video parlours in the city have more Koreans films than Hollywood or Manipuri films and the youths are more familiar with Korean actor Rain than Shah Rukh Khan". Many youths are happy and overwhelmed by this visit and hope this would provide a good relation between the two people.

The article reports Cho Tae Soo saying that this is their first visit. They are happy with the response. Their trip and the people's response would improve the relationship between Manipur and Korea.

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