Friday, July 27, 2012

Korean cuisine expected to be globalized at faster pace

Korean cuisines will be globalized at the faster pace, said a leading “bulgogi” cuisine restaurant owner, who has been to New York to participate in the 2012 International Franchise Expo recently.

Bulgogi and bibimbab are no more strangers to foreigners, said Jung In-tae, head of the Bulgogi Brothers, a franchise of bulgogi, a dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, chicken or pork.

Jung said many foreign business partners expressed their hope to “take the similar cuisines they enjoyed when they came before” during their revisit to Korea. “This is the case that Korean food is addictive enough to attract foreigners throughout the world.”

Jung asked Koreans running Korean restaurants overseas to understand about the taste and flavor of Korean dishes and try to introduce them to foreigners.

Jung also said he had found Korean dishes have potential to be globalized in the Expo, after seeing the interest of foreigners.

Source:Korea Times


placeofheaven said...

Ya I wish you all are there.

Zonia Cruz said...

Korean dishes is my favorite food wish that there is a catering that can provide here.