Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exalting Gyeongju

I never regretted of having chosen Gyeongju over Busan for the trip.Yes,Busan also has its own uniqueness and is famous tourist destination.But the beautiful landscapes and open fields of Gyeongju captivated me.Before leaving for my hometown,I made the plan to go for trip along with friends.6 of us had a memorable time in the city.

Gyeongju is a city that lies in the south-eastern corner of the country in North Gyeongsang province.It was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla,which ruled the Korean Peninsula.Gyeongju is the main destination in South Korea for visitors interested in the cultural heritage of Silla and the architecture of the Joseon Dynasty

It took around 3 hours from Seoul by bus upto the Gyeongju bus terminal.At the first instance itself one can feel the difference in landscapes and the atmosphere.No high rises,no congestion,no jostling,great air,less number of vehicles..all these in one place.After checking in the guest house(which was modest and comfortable),we went to have a taste of Gyeongju at the local restaurant.People say Gyeongju has no special dish unlike other place but seems cakes made here are popular attraction.And after dinner we all went for a walk at the Anapji pond(Lotus pond).It was quite exciting to see such a huge number of lotus and its flowers.We had a very tight scheduled as there so many places to visit in such a short span of time.Bulguksa, Seokguram ,Royal Tombs,Cheomseongdae Observatory were some of the few places we visited.But the most exciting(and somewhat frightening) experience was the journey to the coast.That journey wasn't preplanned and was also not quite familiar with the routes.We took a city bus and just headed for the destination.To our surprise it was very much good place(although few tourist seems to come over there).Spent time sitting at the shore...but the sad part was that we could not find a proper place to eat..we were specially looking for fish BBQ.

On the second day we tour the city on bicycles.We almost covered the whole of city touring on the bicycle.Another exciting thing about riding the bicycle was that we were able to spend time at the paddy was awesome feeling.
The final day of our stay we spend at the Hyeongsan River bank.The well maintained and lush greens bank made us felt more attached with the city.

Gyeongju is a must see place.

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